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Our vision

"Empower people and churches to change the world"

"Empower people
and churches
to change the world"

Our values

God’s presence: God’s temple is the people who believe in him, and his transforming presence is available anytime, anywhere. TCN are longing for encounters with God Almighty in relationship with people and churches.


Identity: One of the main focuses that TCN has had through all of its history is the

longing to root people deeply in the love of God and help them see their identity as

children of God. We see that this has explosive power and believe it to be a key for all


Unity: TCN has a specific calling to work for unity between different churches and

denominations. By this, we do not mean uniformity, but unity in diversity. We want to be a catalyst for mutual fellowship and a place to gather as family, understanding that we all have the same Father.

Integrated life: If we wish to live as disciples there has to be a correlation between what we teach and how we live, between what we say and what we do. This does not

mean that we have to be perfect in order to be disciples. To be a disciple is to

journey towards more likeness with Christ. Honesty, transparency and daring to be

vulnerable and open about who we are with all our successes and failures are keys to living integrated lives.

Missional life: We see mission not primarily as activities we do but as the life we live. Our

life has not been divided into “sections” or “boxes” where mission is one of many. All

situations we face can be opportunities to show the world more of who Jesus is.

Goodness: Jesus demonstrated God’s goodness through the life he was living. We

wish therefore that goodness will be something that characterizes TCN. Goodness is a goal in itself. At the same time, we also believe that it is a key in reaching new people with the gospel. The Bible tells us that it is the goodness of God that drives us to repentance.


Reproduction: A central theme in all of TCN´s history is the story about Jesus feeding

5000 men with five loaves and two fishes. For us it is crucial to communicate that all of us carry something unique and costly. Jesus can multiply these different treasures that he has planted in our lives if we are willing to give them to Him. Through this focus we want to give people faith in their God-given potential and help them to reproduce in others what they have received. We believe that this can spark a movement where the things that each of us carry can be multiplied.

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